Dev Blog 4: Continued Adventures in Quest Generation

I'm a bit late on my development blog for this month, but it's not for a lack of progress.  I've continued to work on the game at the same pace I've been going at for several months now.  Unfortunately, there isn't much that I worked on in March that I can really show off. 

Most of my development time in March was spent continuing to refine the bounty generation algorithm and related user interface design.  The game will now generate a series of quests/bounties for the player to choose from, and when you select one it now sends you into a combat based on the bounty that was selected.  This basically just links up things I've discussed in other recent blog posts, so it might not sound very exciting, but in terms of the game architecture it's pretty neat to see it come together.  Up until now most of the systems have been siloed off from each other, but now they're getting linked together in ways that make it feel more like a real game, and some of the procedural elements are starting to come together.

I've already got some really neat stuff done in April, but I'm going to save that for next month's development blog when it's a bit further along.  At that point I'll write up how the level generation system works.  It's a key system to the game, a big part of what makes the combat unique and replayable, and I'm pretty excited about how it's shaping up, so next month's dev blog should be a lot more interesting.